What We Do?

Legal AID

The Centre for Human Rights and Legal Aid strives to develop a society where everyone has equal access to the justice system and a national sustainable legal aid model tailored to local needs. The CHRLA provides free legal assistance in the following cases:


  • Where there is a violation of human rights by the state or non- state actors
  • To persons who are victims of the abuse of due process
  • Due process in prisons primarily for women and juveniles
  • To persons seeking their rights under family and property law


In addition to the above, the CHRLA also has a dedicated ‘Women and Child Aid Unit’ which not only provides legal aid to women and children who are victims of sexual violence, but also provides psychological help and mental rehabilitation to traumatized victims through expert Psychologists on our panel.

Legal Empowerment

Underprivileged people in Pakistan continue to be deprived of their legal rights due to a lack of understanding of basic fundamental rights guaranteed in the constitution of Pakistan

The CHRLA also aims at systems level repair through the legal empowerment approach, which seeks to increase knowledge of law amongst common users for yielding more access and change within the surrounding legal ecosystem

 CHRLA does this by implementing legal awareness programmes, providing legal consultations, mediation and representation services in the areas of civil, criminal and family (including Sharia) law, and advocating for reform to the justice system. We also do advocacy and lobby for the ratification and implementation of International as well as regional conventions/protocols concerned with the protection of fundamental human rights.